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Back Inside the RDRNE Facility

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Last week we brought you inside our facility and showed you where our animals play when outside. This week's blog is in follow up into our "glimpse into the RDRNE Facility" last post and the progress we are making..

The progress is outstanding and we want to thank each and every one of you that have donated, participated and networked for our near completion of this outdoor building for our homeless animals. It's an amazing space for our animals, providing kennels, play areas and to simply keep warm and snug during the coming winter months,

while getting the exercise that each and every animal deserves and requires to remain happy and healthy. We currently have 20 animals at the RDRNE facility, 6 puppies, one special needs, one senior and the remaining are adult dogs, varying in ages of 11 months

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to 3 years.. Our goal in opening this facility along with the work of rescue, was to provide our animals the opportunity to decompress, rehabilitate and address any behavioral issues prior to homing. We are a foster/adoptive based rescue, but the facility does allow us hands on interaction with our animals. If you are interested in fostering or adopting one of our homeless animals, please fill out an application at Your loving home will free up a spot in our facility for another animal in dire straits. So please consider fostering, you truly are saving NOT ONE but TWO LIVES. :) and we carefully match any of our animals, specific to the dynamics of your loving home and family.

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If you would like more information on sponsoring one of our homeless animals or contributing to their outdoor kennel building, please email

We have recycled every stick of wood, nails, and insulation from gutting the building and re-purposed into the new space. :) We are still in need of Kennels, a security camera system, and miscellaneous building materials. If you would like to send something directly to the animals, please visit their Amazon Wish List, and your item is directly sent to our facility for them. I can't tell you how excited the dogs are to see a box come from Amazon!!! They have come to learn that means a toy or treat!!! :) So thank you for sending them that moment of joy!!! It means so very much to them! You can visit our Amazon Wish List here.

Again our thanks for your support and love during this construction phase for our animals!! :)

Checking in on Belle

Belle oh Belle! How she occupies her day is always a joy to see. Weather permitting, Belle's favorite place is OUTSIDE, she truly enjoys the fresh air and finds simple pleasure in smelling about. Being blind and deaf, her sense of smell and taste is keen!!! She loves new

belle 11-1 blog pic_edited.jpg

smells and oh boy, does she love food!! Lol She has learned to take treats ever so gently, her leash walking is outstanding, and she adores her tie line. We had to get one that swiveled at the top, because she twirls and twirls. The spinning or twirling, in her case always to the left, according to the vet, indicates her brain injury whether that be from birth or during puppy hood is on the left side of her brain. It's no hindrance to Belle though, she is content here with us at the facility and she is truly adored by all who meet her, especially our facility supervisor, Patrick, who she always does a "Belle Bounce" when she smells him near! When Belle isn't outside she happily snoozes and hangs with Patrick, warmed by the pellet stove, while he finishes the work on the building. We love you Belle and Belle sends wet slobbery kisses to all her fans. You can follow Belle on FB, her page is "Being Belle, a blind deaf pittie".

RDRNE spotlight Pup is Bunny!!

bunny for blog_edited.jpg

Bunny is an AMAZING 2 year old pit/mix. Absolutely beautiful, with the sweetest disposition. She is good with kids, dogs and with slow intro's, most probably cats. We can't say enough good things about Bunny! Bunny was saved along with her 6 puppies from a high kill shelter destination and she's just a joyous little girl, who loves to be outside playing or simply snuggled by your side. Bunny's puppies have been homed by RDRNE!! YAY!! Now it's Bunny's turn to find the home she so deserves. Bunny is house and crate trained, up to date on shots, altered and micro-chipped. We've been working on leash manners and she most definitely is a quick learner. Her aim is to please her companion, so please consider fostering or adopting Bunny, she would be a fantastic addition to any loving home. Fill out an application at

In closing, it's with deep appreciation that we are thankful to have the opportunity to make such a difference in these precious little souls’ lives. There is nothing better than to see one of our animals leave for a loving home, we know that we've done everything to give them that fresh start, that additional chance in life to have a wonderful FOREVER home! So on behalf of rescue and our animals we so appreciate your love, your networking, you avocation for all our animals - in finishing our facility building, and in finding homes. Together we do and will continue to make a difference in a shelter animal’s life.

Until next time, much love, Tere and the Pa Crew xo

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