Our Partners

We always say there is no ‘I’ in ‘rescue.’ And to that end we wouldn’t be where we are without the strong relationships we have forged in rescue. Listed below are some of the folks we not only call ‘partners’ but also friends.

Ruff Dog Rescue- GA

When we say Ruff Dog Rescue GA is our ‘sister’ rescue, we aren’t kidding. Ruff Dog Rescue - GA was founded by Lisa Johnson who is the sister of RDRNE’s president, Tere Morris. As founder and president, Lisa continues to steer the organization with the help of a small group of dedicated volunteers. RDR-GA assists dogs in some of the most underserved areas of Georgia. Not only do they pull dogs from tiny, rural shelters, many without public adoption programs, but they work in the community to help provide resources to ‘owned’ dogs.

The homeless dog problem in Georgia is critical and we work with Lisa and RDR-GA to bring many in-need dogs to our facility in the northeast. We often bring entire litters of puppies from Georgia, where they are a ‘dime-a-dozen’ and help adopt them into qualified homes throughout our adoption area (which, thanks to better spay/neuter compliance, is less saturated with homeless puppies). 

Learn more about how you can help RDR-GA: www.ruffdogrescue.org


Pilots N Paws is a national network of private pilots who offer flight services to transport shelter animals to rescue groups. PNP is an all-volunteer group and operates without scheduled flights or fees, and rescue groups contract with approved pilots via the PNP discussion forum.

We are privileged to work with Captain Craig Savage and his daughter/co-pilot Hailey who fly our Georgia dogs from our partner rescue RDR-GA to us in northeast PA. To date, Craig & Hailey have flown over 200 dogs to a new life in the north. Without their help, we couldn’t do the work we do. Captain Craig & Hailey are not only rescue-partners but are part of the extended Ruff Dog Rescue family.

Learn more about the work of Pilots N Paws: www.pilotsnpaws.org

Terri Maher -- Sinopa Shibas


Sinopa Shibas is located in Carbon County,  PA and has been helping our adopted pups fully adjust to their new homes and families. Terri is certified by the national organization called the Certified Council for Professional Dog Trainers  (CCPDT) and holds the credentials of CPDT-KA. Additionally, she is a member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). 

Terri specializes in the following issues: 

  • Puppy basic and advanced training

  • Housebreaking

  • Fear concerns

  • Aggression (Food, Companion pets, Collar and leash training, Sudden motion reactivity)

  • Anxiety

  • Separation Issues

  • Resource Guarding issues

  • Individual Programs

  • Adolescent Destruction, etc

I am very patient with you and your pets’ needs. Understanding what you are doing when you are training your pet is important. I go at a slow pace with you, and the training steps are broken down  into little tiny movements or “foundation  movements" to help your dog understand what is expected of him or her.


The training process is tailored to your needs and your specific problem. Each dog has his or her own quirks and should be treated with individual training programs.

For more information, visit sinopashibas.com

Contact Terri at (610)730-0175 or sinopashibas@gmail.com

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