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Welcome to Ruff Dog Rescue North East

This is our first blog post as Ruff Dog Rescue North East, Tails from PA, We are a dedicated group of volunteers who have been in the rescue community for years and joined together as one entity to embark on a joyous journey with the animals we love and save.

We currently have 13 residents awaiting homes. Each of these animals have such unique personalities... It's been a wonderful experience to see them blossom into loving and happy dogs! The only thing missing in their lives is that special foster or forever home. We know that in that loving home environment, these animals will make loyal and grateful family members. We work carefully to ensure that a RDRNE rescue dog is a terrific fit for the dynamics of a specific home. Please fill out an app at for a foster or adoption application.

• Snoopy • Maddie • Candy • Daisy • Narisse • Abbey • Sandy • Sadie

• Mila • Clive • Catalina • Belle • Peanut •

Each one of these animals represent a life saved!! Many are high kill shelter survivors, others are owner surrenders due to sad circumstances and several were found as strays.

Over the course of the next week weeks, I would like to introduce you to each and every one of these amazing pups!! We've come to love them dearly and are hoping they find homes soon, whether that be foster or adopter...

If you can't adopt... opening your heart and home to one of these animals as a foster, will not only benefit that animal, but will assist rescue in having an open spot to offer solace to another in dire straits... so please consider fostering. When you foster, you are in fact saving two lives, the one you foster and the one who will take their place. Fill out an application at you can also visit us on Facebook for a detailed profile on each of our animals in need of a home . :)

We'll start with Belle. Belle was an owner surrender... born blind and deaf. She came to RDRNE as a 10 month old puppy; confused, scared and not knowing any type of basic commands. Since her 5 month stay with us, she is learning to play with others and occupy herself, and most excitingly, she's walking on a leash, which is a HUGE accomplishment, because she had to learn to trust. Belle knows sheer joy in being on her kuranda bed gnawing a bone. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the outdoors and is happiest outside on a cool day, enjoying the breeze. It’s been awesome to see her grow... and she has grown so much, physically and mentally. She’s a hoot... we can't get enough of Belle and hope that one day she too will know the joy of having her own home! Until then, she's a RDRNE girl and we will make sure she keeps on learning and loving :)


We do have a wish list set up for our animals on Amazon. Your gift will allow that animal a new toy, a new collar... so please consider making a wish list donation.

It's because of the support and kindness of people like yourself that allows rescue to make a difference in each little life counting on us. So, thank you for sharing, advocating and giving to our animals...

Until next week,

Tere xoxoxo

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