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Warming your Hearts in 2016

As we enter February, we realize this year is on the fast track and flying by .. Spring is hopefully around the corner, and we've all enjoyed this mild winter, especially the dogs. We've been busy at RDRNE, this winter, the mild weather has proven to sadly be a busy time with puppy's and adults :(. So many unwanted litters just dumped at a the kill shelters, no time, fleas, mange, sick, we found, you name it.. we hear it all The shelters do not discriminate killing pregnant moms, mom's w/litters or the very young puppy's , they die right along side the highly adoptable adult dog. :(

We want to share our monthly blog on rescue and some of the issues the dogs face, This first blog we hope you find interesting and ty for sharing our animals with your friends and family. We have so many pups that would appreciate your loving home. Come see us soon, we always welcome visitors .. the dogs love new faces! xoxoxoxo Tere


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