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Adopting A New Puppy


What That Means For You

No one can deny, that puppies are cute. It's easy to fall in love with the idea of adopting

a new puppy. But like human babies, puppies require a lot of time and work. So, before

you bring a new puppy home, ask yourself if you are really ready for the responsibility

and commitment.

Do you have the time?

This is one of the most often cited reasons that dogs are surrendered to shelters. Lack of time. Dogs, and especially puppies, are BIG time commitments. In the first year of your

puppy's life, be prepared to spend a lot of time training your new puppy. House training can take several months if not longer, and young puppies need to go outside frequently

in order to build up house training skills. If you work long hours and can't hire a dog walker or go home during the day to let your puppy out, you might want to consider

whether you have the right lifestyle for a puppy.

In addition to housebreaking, a puppy needs plenty of regular exercise. As we often say,

'a tired dog is a good dog', and this especially holds true for puppies. Bored puppies can

get into trouble, so it's important to plan for regular exercise and activity. This should

include walks, training classes and other structured play time. It's important to consider

whether you and other members of your family are fully prepared to make training your

puppy a top priority. Taking the time to train and socialize your puppy will result in a

well-balanced adult dog that your friends and family will enjoy being with.

Can you afford a new puppy?

The adoption fee is just the beginning when it comes to financial considerations for your

new puppy. Your puppy will require a crate, bedding, chew toys, quality dog food and

treats, flea and tick and heartworm prevention, plus yearly vaccinations and check ups.

Puppies, like kids, get sick and veterinary care is not cheap. So it's important to plan

ahead financially when bringing a new puppy home.

Are you ready for a LIFETIME commitment?

Adopting a puppy, or any animal, means that you are making a commitment to care for that animal its entire lifetime. This means through all of life's ups and downs and changes. People move, break up, change jobs and go through many other life changes, so it's important to consider whether you are able to fully commit to care for that animal 'forever.' In addition, it can be very difficult to re-home an adult dog- shelters and rescues are often full, and you can't always trust that you will be able to find a good home in the future.

So, when considering whether your family is ready for a new four-legged family member, please take a moment to think through what that will mean for you. Make sure everyone is onboard and willing to pitch in and that you are prepared for all the wonderful new changes that a puppy will bring to your life.

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