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RDRNE Prepares for Winter...

Truly an awesome week for the PA Crew! We've been so blessed with donations for the pups!! Snacks, toys and much needed supplies were sent to the facility in care of the dogs! …and *Drum Roll*….. We also had a very kind and unexpected act of generosity with the offer of generator assistance from one of our adopters. More to come on that so stay tuned! We are just blown away with the support for our animals. :) Rescue also had our final inspection by the State of PA, and we are officially a licensed rescue facility :) Yay!!

If you would like to make a difference in one of our homeless animals lives by donating to our wish list, please visit the Amazon site for the dogs here .

snoopy driving tractor.jpg

If you might be interested in sponsoring a homeless RDRNE PA crew rescue pup that call our facility home while they are waiting on a foster or adopter; please email The weather here in Northeastern PA can be brutal, your donations are life savers and so appreciated. :) Please remember that your donations are tax deductible! :)

Checking in with Belle

Belle has had a big week here at the facility! It's a hoot to see her sport around in her


sweater, it's been a bit chilly on many mornings! She had a blast yesterday, playing with some of the toys that were donated this week! We always say it's the small gestures that make such a difference in the lives of these animals, and Belle certainly enjoyed herself playing with those donated toys!! So Belle had this to say “Thank you Ruff-ians for your kind donations to make my day bright! xo Belle” ...We love you brings a smile to all our faces to see you safe and happy! Follow Belle on her very own Facebook Page.

Checking in on Daisy


Daisy was our RDRNE spotlight pup last week! Daisy - our Daisy.. what a fun loving girl. lol. Daisy is still waiting on a foster or adoptive home :( She's such a good girl too, but needs a special home with no dogs, cats or small children. Daisy would appreciate a loving home. She's waited so long. We have faith girl you'll find something soon. Daisy is 3 years old, up to date on all shots, altered and ready to call your home her home. Please, if you have the ability offer your loving home to this beautiful brindle pup! Fill out an application at "I'll love you forever! xo Daisy"


RDRNE Spotlight Pup is Monty!

Monty is a beautiful GSD/Pointer Mix. He is approximately 16 months old and loves, Loves, LOVES the outdoors. Monty is altered, up to date on shots and microchipped. Monty is great with dogs and cats, but is sensitive about his head so rescue recommends NO small children. As with most GSD Monty needs an experienced and understanding home of his breed. He's had a very traumatic history with being dumped but despite his disappointments, he still remains a good boy. :) Monty loves his balls, and is awesome to play fetch with, Please consider this beautiful boy! Open your heart and home by filling out an application at Monty will reward you with unconditional love and affection! "I may be sensitive, but I’m a big lover, xo Monty"

As we have previously stated rescue is so very busy readying for the winter. It's right around the corner here in the Endless Mountain area of PA. We still would so appreciate your generous donations of the following needs for our facility:

  • Pellet or Wood Stove for our outdoor play building to keep the dogs warm and safe on a cold winter's day.

  • A camera system to have a watchful eye on that outdoor play building.

  • Fencing Rolls - 6ft high approximately 500 ft is needed.

  • Crates

  • Building materials, like wood, siding, etc.

If you would like to assist rescue with readying our outdoor building for our homeless animals, please email

In closing rescue and the PA Crew would like to say, we so love and appreciate all your support. Having the opportunity to help these animals makes all the hard work worth it. It really is ALOT of hard work - only accomplished by your kindness and avocation for our animals. Our biggest wish is to see each and every homeless animal at RDRNE resting comfortably in their very own home, and until that time, RDRNE rescue facility IS their home! Let's make it an awesome place for the animals.

See you next week. xo Tere and the PA Crew

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