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Fall at our Facility...

FALL… FALL AND FALL!! What a beautiful time here in the Endless Mountain range of PA with the RDRNE animals!! The pups have so enjoyed the gorgeous days running and playing; just being happy!!

We have been so blessed with the generous donation of our generator by a RDRNE supporter/adopter who wishes to remain anonymous…their kindness will ensure our animals stay warm this winter when and if the power goes out!! So, thank you to everyone who networked, donated and shared for our facility generator. We also have a fundraiser going for the fuel for our pellet stoves. If you would like to help keep our homeless animals warm this winter, please donate to our "pallet of pellets" fundraiser! :) The dogs say ruff ruff- which means Thank you!! lol.

snoopy 10-1a_edited.jpg

The RDRNE pups have also so enjoyed all the donated toys, treats and facility items that were received since our last blog!

It means so much to them to have those items! If you would like to help out with our homeless animals , please visit their wish list here, any small donation is always appreciated and enjoyed!! :)

Our Snoopy is enjoying some of the donated chew toys.

Checking in with Belle

belle 9-23c_edited.jpg

Belle oh Belle, lol our little bind deaf angel has been having such a big time the past week. She truly cracks us up!! Just to watch her entertain herself batting around a ball or her "bucking" like a horse when she's playing on her run line. Belle is a hoot! She's growing like a weed.. really one of the most muscular dogs we have here at the facility! She gets so much exercise! It's amazing to watch her.. She goes and goes and goes. Then, boom down like a rock for a nap on her Kuranda bed!! She loves that Kuranda bed.. sleeps on it.. wrestles with it .. she does more with a Kuranda bed than any dog we have! lol. If you would like to follow Belle, please check out her FB page "Being Belle, a blind deaf pittie" on Facebook.

Checking in on Monty


Monty is such a sweet Shepard mix boy! We love him! Monty is still in need of a foster or adoptive home. He's a beautiful 1 year old altered male, up to date and micro-chipped who loves, loves, loves to play outside. Monty needs an active family, good with older kids and dogs and cats. If you would like to foster or adopt Monty, please fill out an application at


Blue Belle is a beautiful blue and white 1 year old pit/mix female, altered, up to date and micro-chipped. Blue Belle is awesome in the house, she is crate and house trained.. can be a little over excited outside playing so we suggest older children and no senior dogs as seniors can be a little put off with her puppy play :)

blue belle 1_edited.jpg

Bluebelle has lived with cats, but we do recommend slow introductions with not only dogs but with cats. If you would like more information on BlueBelle or would like to foster or adopt her, please fill out an application at or email

All the PA Crew, Candy, Maddie, Monty, Snoopy, Narisse, Daisy, Sandy, Bluebelle, Peanut, Belle and Sadie aka London all appreciate the support and love that has been sent to them via the donations received and cards. Our support systems has been amazing!!! YOU do make a difference in the dogs lives!!! Thank you on behalf of rescue and our animals.

In closing, we could still use building materials, fencing, wood pellets and a camera surveillance system for the safety of our dogs. If you could help out with any of these items please email Our facility is an awesome place for these animals to receive love, care, socialization, training and safe housing while awaiting homes, thank you for helping us help them!!!

Until next time. xoxo Tere and the PA Crew :)

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