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IT’S DECEMBER and the year is almost over.....

Not a day goes by, especially during the holiday season, that we don't give thanks for our AMAZING FAMILY: our immediate family, our dear friends, our "Ruff-ian" supporters, and all of the wonderful RDRNE dogs and puppies here with us or in their new homes. We are truly blessed to have such a family and know that our first holiday season will be one to remember.

While the snow blanketing the mountains surrounding our facility in Northeastern Pennsylvania was definitely memorable, the 23 little souls enjoying their Thanksgiving Dinner bowls full of chicken, carrots, broccoli, kibble and squash in the toasty comfort of our recently finished building was a beautiful sight to see. A little loud and a bit messy?! Nah! If you could have seen our smiles...

dog bowls.jpg

As we count our Thanksgiving blessings, we take this opportunity to extend our sincerest thanks for the love and support that our animals receive as they hope and wait for their forever families and homes.

We never would have been able to rescue anyone from their dire circumstances without the support of our family of Ruff-ian's. Although still homeless, our rescued dogs are happy, safe and well-loved and because of your support RDRNE is able to promise each dog and puppy that our mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming them is in effect. Thank you for letting us keep that promise to them.


We are on Facebook, Instagram, and on Twitter Twitter link, Instagram link, Facebook link and regularly update all so please follow us along our journey and share, share, share! If this is not the right time for you to foster or adopt, perhaps a friend or a co-worker might be ready so any networking and sharing you can help us with is always appreciated! Your share may make an RDRNE dog or puppy's greatest wish come true...a family to call their very own.

It's the UPS Truck with a Delivery!

You should hear how excited the dogs get when the UPS truck drives is hysterical! They learned very quickly that the truck means that a new toy, a great bone, a special treat, a warm sweater, something has arrived for them!

jaxon on box.jpg

Each of our pups has something they want for the Holidays. For just that reason, we have set up an Amazon Wish List. To donate, please click on this Link.

You can also help our homeless rescued animals by volunteering your time, a little or a lot, in person or from home. Various volunteer positions within our rescue are always needed, such as transporting, handling our animals at adoption events, conducting home visits, etc. Please email more info if you would like additional information about volunteering your time.

Two of our puppies, Layda and Oscar, each found a foster home before Thanksgiving so they are experiencing the beginning of the holiday season with two family's. We are so thankful to our fosters!

Lada at adoption event.jpg

What do all of these names have in common?

Winston, Uno, Vivian, Patton, Violet, Mila, Beethoven Rustiee, Shana, Sammi, Buffy, Shadow, Peanut, Sadie, Bruno, Benji, Bridge, Buddy, Domino, Darla, Dallas, Dunkin, Dantie, Dexter, Dora, Dozier, Diva, Dakota, Farrah, Jada, Jeager, Banjo, Jada, Gemma, Liam, Maddie, Bogie, Dexter, Dallas, Jaeger, Dunkin, Dante, Dozier, Darla, Domino, Dora, DDakota, Jayden, Jolie, Farrah and Jewel

They are now RDRNE Alumni! Congratulations to our beloved dogs and their new forever families!

2nd 3 HP pics.jpg

These homes and this list of names are affirmations that our efforts on behalf of these homeless animals are making a difference. Thank you Ruff-ians for advocating and networking for our animals.

Checking in on Belle,

Belle for Dec Blog.jpg

Belle oh Belle, how we love our beautiful Belle! Spending time with and getting to know Belle is one of our greatest blessings. She has learned so much during her time with us and as her personality blooms she continues to be an inspiration for all of us at our facility. Although she is blind and deaf, neither is a hindrance to happiness and my goodness, is our Belle a happy little girl! She finds joy in all things from exploring to twirling to blissfully napping, life is good at RDRNE. If you would like to follow Belle's progress, please like and share her Facebook page, Being Belle, a blind deaf pittie .

Our RDRNE spotlight puppy is Gypsy

gypsy 11-14.jpg

What a beautiful girl Gypsy is! Beauty and brains? Got them both right here! An 8-month old puppy, Gypsy is housebroken and cratetrained, up to date on all shots, altered and microchipped. She's good with kids and also enjoys other dogs. Gypsy would make a wonderful addition to any active family. Her favorite hobbies are playing, cuddling, getting treats, and snuggling. Yes, our gorgeous girl is a total love bug! Please won't you consider Gypsy for adoption? If you are interested, please fill out an application at our Web site,

Our facility building wish list still includes a wireless camera system FB link, a high capacity washer and dryer washer/dryer and bags of wood pellets Pellets are always needed. Please contact, if you would like to donate a much needed wish list item for our building! Thank you!

In closing, it's been an amazing few months here at the facility finishing the building, saving so many little lives, and enjoying our rescue family and supporters. We are so very grateful and thankful for all of you. We are blessed.

Monty, Maddie, Candy, Sandy, Bunny, Snoopy, Daisy, Bluebelle, Catalina, Fiona, Jaxon, Juice, Jesse, Adam, Abigail, Dixie, Delilah and Belle send you all wet and slobbery kisses for remembering them.

Until next time, xoxoxo Tere and the PA Crew.

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