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We welcome 2015 at the RDRNE facility with much Joy and Hope!

We were so blessed this past year to have saved the lives of countless animals, been the recipient of many acts of kindness and generosity by our “Ruffian” supporters and have grown our rescue exponentially with the help of our dedicated volunteers! It's amazing the good deeds attainable through love, and this rescue operates on a solid foundation of love, integrity, and compassion.

Rescue is a way of life for us at RDRNE, we live on site with our animals, which allows us the surety of quality of care and rehabilitation.


Each little soul is such a gift and to watch a pup come in scared, emotionally bruised & battered and leave with happy wagging tail- and a smile on their faces, on their way to their forever home is the greatest joy to behold. We look forward to the day every one of our animals leave for their own forever family, and until that time, our homeless pups rest comfortably in their finished kennel building, warmed by their donated pellet stoves, Yes! life is good at the RDRNE facility :)

We had many adoptions over the holiday season!


Also adopted:

The J pups,

The D Pups,




Jada and Layda,

Fiona and Farrah,




The M pups,




Catalina needs a home

On another high note, foster homes were found

for Gypsy, Catalina, Bluebelle, Jayden and Delilah.

Although these pups still need their forever home,

a foster home is a vital step to obtaining a forever home. This also opens a spot here at the facility for another animal in dire straits!

If you would like more information on joining the RDRNE foster family by opening your loving home, please email

This has been pretty awesome list, so thank you for the shares and networking for our animals.

We have new additions to rescue; all saved from the NYC ACC: Bruno, Jenny, Gauge, Perry and Xavier.. we are beyond happy to let you know Perry and Xavier are now enjoying their forever homes! :)

If you would like more information on sponsoring one of our homeless rescue dogs, please email


Please remember the pups always welcome an item from their wish list Your donation makes such a vital difference the lives of our dogs, so thank you for thinking of them. :) Click here to access our Wish List


belle with hambone.jpg

The holidays were awesome for our girl. She enjoyed the Christmas Ham Bone, gifts from her many fans and too many treats to count! lol..

Boy oh Boy does our Belle love her food..

We are very excited about the donated treadmills we have coming for our animals, so stay tuned to Belle's new exercise routine to ensure she stays healthy, fit and happy while snug inside during these cold winter months. Although blind and deaf, our Belle is truly one happy girl! She finds the simplest of joys in a long walk, snuggle moment on the sofa or some time with Patrick, our facility Manager. Please follow Belle by visiting and "liking" her very own face book page, "Being Belle, a blind and deaf pittie".

We love you Belle! xo

Our spotlight RDRNE Pup is Perry


Perry is one of the happiest dogs we have ever had the pleasure of loving! This little hippo has a constant tail wag and the best pittie smile..He is simply perfection. Perry is 8 years young and came to us with medical needs He suffers from KCS, which is chronic dry eye. With treatment Perry's scared cornea's have seen improvement and we are encouraged with his progress. Perry had a complete geriatric work up, is sporting cleaned pearly whites and can proudly say he is altered! lol We don't know how excited he was about the alter part, but long term we've promised him all the doctor prodding will be worth it.

Perry is good with other dogs, kids over 7 (because of his constant tail wag.. he would be sad to knock a little one over) and with slow intro's good with cats. Please consider offering this amazing boy a forever home. Fill out an application at or email for more information. UPDATE: Perry has been adopted!

Candy, Maddie, Monty, Sandy, Daisy, Guage, Snoopy, Bruno, Jenny, and Molly would all appreciate your continued shares and support to find a foster or forever home. Please consider opening your loving home to one of our homeless rescue animals. Each one of these babies so deserve the one on one love that only a family can provide. Fill out an application at

I wanted to share a trip that I recently took with rescue's trainer, Georgie


Cascio. RDRNE was contacted to save two pregnant mama dogs down in Georgia in a High Kill Shelter. Of course we took those mama's and the next step was working out transport from Georgia to the foster, (who is also Georgie).. LOVE her :)

Long story short, Both mama's gave birth in Georgia before we could arrange transport. Taking nothing to chance, Georgie and I drove 36 hrs round trip to Georgia to pick up these families. It was 12 solid hours of rotating 12 little ones to nurse; but what a heart-warming, worthwhile trip! It's moments like this in rescue that makes all the hard work so worth it!! 12 innocent little fur babies are comfortable in their foster home nursing on their mama.


Additionally, we picked up another little cutie, Max aka Wrinkles,

Only 5 weeks old and was on Craig's list in Georgia. A special thank you to the dedicated volunteers who watch Craigs list and swoop in to assist little ones like Max. Max (aka Wrinkles) is now part of the RDRNE family and we would welcome applications to adopt him at

In closing, we thank you for the love, support and kindness extended to each of our animals and rescue. We have an amazing family at RDRNE and together we know that 2015 will afford us the opportunity to save many lives and to rehabilitate and rehome each fur baby that is counting on us to be their voice!

We are embracing 2015 with open arms

and much hope saving as many as we can!

~~~ Until next time, Tere and the PA Crew xoxo

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