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Updates to our Facility!

It's that time of year when you have to put the flip flops away and think about the winter. We here at Ruff Dog Rescue North East wanted to share how your donations and support has and is assisting our animals stay nice and toasty this winter. Our adult dog building had a commercial garage door that was not well insulated as well as we were relying on two pellet stoves to heat the building., it wasn't enough :(. Thank's to our Ruff-ians kindness, we have enclosed the garage door and purchased a much needed wood furnace. What a HUGE difference. wow!! the building is so nice and warm :) The animals are comfy and will spend many a cold winter's day nice and snug with a bone, blanket and the warmth of the furnace :)

We are still raising funds to cover the $1500 cost of the furnace, we still need insulation for the ceiling of the building and new walls, and of course WOOD is needed for the furnace. If you would like to assist our animals and rescue, you can donate via paypal Any amount is appreciated Ruff-ians. It all adds up. If you would like to mail a check to rescue pls send to 73 Tower Hill Road, Thompson, Pa 18465. Thank you so much on behalf of our animals ruff ruff :) xo

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