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A glimpse inside RDRNE facility


Being one of the few rescues that actually has a facility to house their own animals! In this weeks blog; we wanted to let you visit with us; to visit the dog's facility home. You will now be able to understand how important having our facility really means to the RDRNE animals. First you would have to understand why we have animals at the facility.

RDRNE takes into rescue animals that have been abandoned, owner surrenders, and animals who are dumped in high kill shelters. This includes Mama's, puppies, Expectant Mothers, Adult Dogs, Seniors, and special need animals that have NO PLACE else to call home who's fate would have been euthanizing without our intervention.


We currently have 15 animals that are "homeless" at the facility.. One senior, 5 puppies, one special needs and 8 adult dogs. The majority are pit/mixes. "Homeless" animals, although safe and sound with us at the facility, those animals are normally forgotten by supporters once rescue takes them into their fold, We have been blessed to be "outside the norm" with that statement given the kind and generous donations we've received and the networking that you, our "Ruff-ian" supporters have afforded us and our animals. YOU have provided them homes with that networking, You have assisted them with their living needs. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)


Being a 501c3 non-profit organization.. without the avocation of our supporters for our animals, the 15 homeless we have most probably wouldn't be here today, so

it's with heartfelt appreciation we say thank you! This number does NOT include animals

peanut home_edited.jpg

we currently have out in foster homes. We all strive to FOREVER home both our homeless

sadie home sharon and jeff_edited.jpg

facility animals and our foster animals, as there is no happier moment than to see one of our animals leave for their forever home. This week alone facility girls, Sadie, Narisse and Peanut are resting comfortably with their new forever families. The light in their little eyes shines bright with that family.. not that they aren't loved here with us at the facility.. but the facility environment does not provide them with that truly one on one love that a HOME provides and that's the love all these animals crave, long for and deserve.

We can only take in so many to ensure quality of care, so if you would like to provide a foster home for one of our homeless facility animals waiting for a forever home, you would free up a spot for rescue to assist another animal in dire straits, so in fact you are helping TWO animals. Please consider opening your heart and home to one of our homeless facility animals, or pls share with a friend to fill out our online application at :)

RDRNE found an awesome property in Pennsylvania

construction before wall up.jpg

that has provided us with 7 acres, a home for myself and a wonderful outbuilding that is currently under construction for the dogs "inside" play area for the winter. As we all know pit/mixes HATE THE COLD! lol. Having this outdoor building finished before the winter is vital to our animals well-being for the rapidly approaching winter!

construction -patrick.jpg

We have been so thankful for our amazing Facility Supervisor who has single handed

done the majority of work for our animals.

We are so close to finishing the dogs winter building and I want to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the tremendous donations of our Generator, Pellet Stove, Kennels and the tons of Pellets we've received. It means so much to us and our animals.

generator pic.jpg

Our facility wish list would still include a camera system to install in the building and our kennel room. If you would like to contribute to our facility and our animals, please email me at Additionally, if you would like to get the dogs a specific something you can always visit their Amazon wish list here and that is shipped directly to us for them. :)

Checking in with Belle

construction - belle.jpg

Our little special needs angel, although blind and deaf, Belle is really thriving here at our facility. She loves her place here with us and we are thrilled at her progress from intake. to

now. Her days are spent outside if weather permits because truly that is her favorite place, playing, twirling - just being Belle. When she's not outside, Belle loves to hang with our facility supervisor while he works on the indoor play building. She lies in her area, warmed by the pellet stove.. snoozing and when awake, wrestles the kuranda bed. lol She's a sight! :)

If you would like to follow Belle, yes she has her own Facebook page, imagine that! lol her Facebook page is "Being Belle, a blind deaf pittie". Belle sends her love to all of you.. she's a joyous creature and we love her dearly!

Our RDRNE Spotlight Pup is - Buddy

buddy 10-16 d.jpg

Buddy is our 10 yr old Golden Retriever Shepard mix, owner surrender, who had a very sad story prior to coming into rescue and now calls the RDRNE facility home. His sole owner passed away recently and the owner's brother was up to see about his brothers affairs and to address "what to do with Buddy". You see Buddy was outside on a chain and very protective of his only home he's known for 10 years.. all he knew was his daddy hadn't been home, it was cold so naturally he was upset and confused. :( The family thought perhaps letting Buddy cross the rainbow bridge to meet his daddy was best for him and we went to evaluate his potential for rehoming. When we arrived we found a very upset boy but the look in his eyes, we just knew he was a good dog! and Oh Boy!! what a good boy he is! So well mannered, awesome range of basic commands, all he needs is love and he is open and willing to give as well as receive that love. Buddy is in good health.. he's a little stiff on the get up and could use a good teeth cleaning but all in all Buddy is amazing! We would suggest a home without small children, and most probably best as an only dog or in a household with another senior. He's altered and up to date on shots. Please network for Buddy, he has a lot of life left and a lot of love to give. Fill out an application to adopt Buddy at Buddy will reward you with the happiest of smiles and unconditional love. :)

In closing please understand, Our job, at the RDRNE facility, is to provide each animal coming into rescue from a dreadful situation, the opportunity to decompress, learn manners, basic commands and to address any behavioral issues, enabling them to have the best shot at finding a FOREVER home. You are helping us to help them, we are a team and together we will and do make a difference! Thank you for your love, thank you for your sponsorship, Thank you for caring about and networking for our animals.

Monty, Maddie, Candy, Sandy, Bunny, Snoopy, Daisy, Jada, Layda, Buddy, BlueBelle, Gypsy, Adam, Abigail, Butler, Onyx, Coco and Belle send you wet and slobbery kisses.

Till next time. xo Tere and the Pa Crew.

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