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Spring, Spring?? Where are you?

All of us at RDRNE are so looking forward to the warmer weather...

We keep hoping to see signs of the coming spring weather, as this winter has been especially


hard on our animals. The snow here at the facility is over the dog’s heads lol so our mode of exercise has been via the treadmill.

Keeping a dog well exercised eliminates frustration, bad behavior and anxiety. Rescue was gifted a treadmill via a very generous donation, giving every animal here at our facility their opportunity to walk and run on a daily basis :) Your kind donations REALLY do make a

difference in each dogs life! If you would like to assist our animals please visit their Amazon Wish List here. If you have other donations (not on our wish list), please email and we can work out pick up.

We had a wonderful February homing some of our rescues! One of our long


timers, Candy has found her forever with an awesome family. YAY!! Pictures to come but we are thrilled for Candy, she's waited a long time and she is such a sweet loving girl!

Our other animals gifted with their very own home are as follows:





& Dina

Additionally several of our facility animals have found foster accommodations, so please continue to share these babies for a forever home, as that is what we all strive to achieve for our rescued dogs - a place to finally call home.

in foster

serita & pups
kiki & pups


Let's welcome some of rescue's recent additions:

bonnie acc snow_edited.jpg

Like our other animals, these babies have our promise that we won't forget them and we will work hard, every day, to find them homes :). In the meantime, the pups can decompress and enjoy their time here with us at our facility. That's the joy of living on site with the RDRNE Dogs; we know first-hand the mental and physical condition of each and every one of our rescues. But it’s very expensive to provide for each of them, if you would like to sponsor one of our homeless dogs, for a day, a month, or a week, please email for more information. Without our volunteers and our donors, we would not be able to do what we do. Remember we are a team in saving each one of these lives.

Checking in on Belle

Belle continues to enjoy her days here at the facility, napping, following Patrick around and eating her treats . :) Boy oh boy does Belle enjoy a snack! Being blind and deaf may have presented our girl Belle with challenges, but it certainly has NOT stolen her joy and happiness. :) Keep up with Belle on her FB page, Being Belle, a blind & Deaf pittie.


If you are considering fostering or adopting a dog, please take the time to visit with our rescued dogs at and on our facebook page, Ruff Dog Rescue North East. Fostering is such an important stepping stone in saving these fur-kids, by fostering a facility animal, you are in fact assisting two dogs. Your foster dog and the dog that rescue can now assist out of a dire situation because YOU helped make the room. Our foster and adoption applications are available on line at

In conclusion, Rescue is truly a way of life for us here at RDRNE, our mission to rehabilitate, educate and rehome is implemented on a daily basis. We have been so blessed to have the ability to see these animals come into our facility, broken, afraid, sick, fearful and leave for a foster or forever home, well-adjusted and most importantly, HAPPY. We thank our volunteers for the visits and help in caring for our animals, and we can’t thank you enough for the kind and generous donations that we have received on behalf of our dogs.

Please cross-post and advocate for our PA facility animals, Sandy, Monty, Maddie, Daisy, Gauge, Molly, Snoopy, Belle, Serita and her 9 babies and all the rest..

Lastly; as we enter better weather months, please watch our rescue fb page and website for upcoming adoption events.

Until next month, much love, Tere and the PA crew xoxo.

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